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Crystal Clear Diamond Healing (CCDH) is a unique system for creating personal positive change, using the ability and connections every living thing is born with. - brain body mechanistics. The brain holds all of the programmes that run the physical health of the body and it holds the ability to reconnect the living being to its natural healing ability. CCDH teaches you how to use your natural ability to stimulate the desired healing reponse and life direction. It is a conglomeration of accessible, practical tools for anyone to easily understand and apply to their lives, It creates life change via a healing ignition process.


CCDH acknowledges that everything is energy (atomic particles and waves) are indelibly connected; one’s mind, body and life circumstance are all connected. With over 25 years of experience and practice in the field, CCDH has developed a healing system with a finite ability to create positive permanent change in all aspects of life, utilising the innate stem cell frequency resident within every living thing. Through the use of CCDH healing and engaging your free will and intent you can reverse recuperate revitalize and reconstruct a better life situation.

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Find out find out more about CCDH & Founder Jeanne Ames with her new book Walking with Angels: The Journey to Peace. Available on iBooks and Kindle. visit Amazon for her paperback first book -join her journey via the book

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"We dont rely on a wing and a prayer, we use basic health, mind and body mechanisms and structures to give you the control over your life and body that you've always been searching for. "

                                       CCDH founder Jeanne Ames


My books on Amazon available from links below, book One Darkness is only Light not switched available on paperback. The second The Journey to Peace, Walking with Angels available on Kindle. Book two adds experienced hindsights and new learning to my discoveries written about in book one, and valuable insights into the human Autogenous System. Information on this system in Book two and at the bottom of this page. Please check out our About page and go to the link at the bottom - niche stem cell sites. It will take you to the University of Utah animated site describing the magic that is stem cells. It comes under the heading Go Go Stem Cells. You owe it to yourself to learn about your unique self healing structures.